MoneyTap’s Phone Loan Interest Rate & Eligibility

Rate of Interest Varies from 22-35%
Minimum Age Age 20-60 years
Minimum Salary Required 3,000,000 VND per month
Loan Amount 3,000,000 VND to 5,000,000 VND

MoneyTap’s Features and Benefits for Laptop Loan Online

  • Amount Withdraw

    Pay interest only on the amount used

  • Instant Approval

    Get an instant credit line for laptop of up to VND 50 million

  • Approved Limit

    Borrow as low as VND 1,000,000 or up to your approved credit limit

  • ID Card

    A picture of your valid ID proof is all you need to get a laptop loan

  • Earn Rewards

    Use the credit line like a credit card for purchases (online and offline) and earn rewards with the freedom of 100% cash withdrawal

  • Flexible Repayment

    Select a loan term ranging from 3 to 48 months and repay the borrowed amount in flexible monthly instalments

How to Get a Laptop Loan on MoneyTap?

Getting an online laptop loan through MoneyTap is convenient and accessible for everyone. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Download the MoneyTap Credit Line app

Step 2: Fill your information and apply

Step 3: Enjoy using the MoneyTap Credit Line

Step 4: Pay the used amount back in easy instalments

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Eligibility Criteria

  • Income Limit:
    Minimum salary of 3,000,000 VND/month

  • Age Limit:
    Above 20 years and below 60 years

Documents Required

  • Original photograph required

    (selfie from the app)

  • Address Proof

    (Permanent Resident Book)

  • National ID

    (photos of the front and back mandatory)

Reasons You’re Here

  • Need to upgrade to a new laptop with better configurations for work
  • Want a laptop for higher studies
  • Heart is set on a laptop that’s out of your budget
  • Current laptop is broken beyond repair
  • Current laptop is out of warranty
  • Laptops are better for entertainment than smartphones

Investing in a laptop can be quite scary because it’s expensive. While you may not be able to afford an outright purchase without dipping into your savings, you can take a laptop loan from MoneyTap and repay it back in easy monthly instalments.

Why Purchase Your Laptop with a Loan?

  • An online laptop loan allows you to buy a laptop you want without having to wait until you save up.
  • Laptops come with a hefty price tag. Investing your money to purchase it can impact your financial liquidity. A laptop loan can help you buy a laptop without you disrupting your savings or your budget.
  • With a quick loan for laptop, you can buy a high-end latest laptop with the best configuration, features and quality, which you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford.
  • A laptop loan can help you stay on track with your monthly budget by letting you repay the loan in easy and comfortable monthly instalments.

Financing Tips When Purchasing Laptop

  • Check online, and offline laptop offers to select the best deal.
  • Have a laptop loan repayment plan in place before you take the loan. It will become easier to make the monthly laptop instalments.
  • Be sure to invest in a laptop with the latest technology. Don’t buy a cheap laptop just because of the price difference.

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Laptop Loan FAQs

Yes, you can take a laptop loan in Vietnam from MoneyTap. It’s easy, quick and hassle-free.

The following are your options to buy instalment laptops without using a credit card:

  • Debit card
  • Laptop loan

Also, quite a few shopping platforms and offline stores tie up with financial institutions to offer you a laptop on instalments.

Yes, MoneyTap offers an instant personal line of credit for buying a laptop. With minimal documentation and a quick and easy approval process, you can comfortably buy the laptop of your choice.

The interest charged on MoneyTap laptop loans in Vietnam is between 22-35% per annum.