MoneyTap’s Phone Loan Interest Rate & Eligibility

Rate of Interest Varies from 22% to 35% pa
Minimum Age 20 – 60 years
Minimum Salary Required 3.000.000 VND per month
Loan Amount 3.000.000 VND to 5.000.000 VND

Features and Benefits of MoneyTap’s Line of Credit as a Phone Loan

  • Instant Approval

    Quick approval - get a line of credit of up to VND 50 million instantly

  • Approved Limit

    Borrow as low as VND 1,000,000 or as high as your approved limit

  • Amount Withdraw

    Pay interest only on the amount you withdraw

  • ID Card

    Just a picture of your valid ID proof is all you need to get the phone loan

  • Earn Rewards

    Use it like a credit card for online and offline purchase or 100% cash withdrawals – get rewards on your purchases

  • Flexible Repayment

    Choose a convenient loan term ranging from 3 to 48 months and repay the borrowed amount in flexible EMI

How to Get a Phone Loan on MoneyTap

Getting a loan via MoneyTap is convenient and accessible for everyone. All you need is the app installed and an ID card.

Here are the steps involved:

Step 1: Download the MoneyTap Credit Line app

Step 2: Fill your information and apply

Step 3: Start using your MoneyTap Credit Line

Step 4: Use it and pay it back in easy instalments

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Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum salary of 3,000,000 VND/month

  • Above 20 years and below 60 years

Documents Required

  • National ID

    (photos of the front and back mandatory)

  • Address Proof

    (Permanent Resident Book)

  • Original photograph required

    (selfie from the app)

Reasons You’re Here

  • Want to upgrade to a new phone
  • The phone you want is out of your budget
  • Lost your phone, but do not have the money to get a replacement
  • Used the money you had saved for a phone on other unexpected purchases
  • Phone broke down and is beyond repair
  • Current phone is malfunctioning and is out of warranty

We lead connected lives today, and mobile phones keep us connected. They have become more of a necessity today as we use phones for almost everything – right from their basic uses like making and receiving calls, to more advanced uses like high-resolution cameras and GPS – smartphones have become an integral part of our life both personal and professional.

But these phones are expensive, and most people cannot afford it. This is where MoneyTap helps by providing phone loans.

How to Buy a Mobile Phone Without Credit Card?

You can get a mobile loan through a bank, financial institution, fintech companies or even an app on your phone. With app-based phone loans through MoneyTap, you can get approved for a personal line of credit of up to VND 50 million.

You can use this credit line to purchase your phone and convert this purchase into affordable monthly instalments. You also get a credit card to use your approved credit line for online and offline purchases.

Why Use MoneyTap's Credit Line to Buy a Phone?

MoneyTap offers affordable loans to buy a phone without burning a hole in your pocket.

  • You can get a loan of a higher amount
  • You enjoy a low-interest rate and save money
  • You can repay the loan on your own terms
  • You have the freedom to withdraw the money as and when you need
  • You pay interest only on the amount you borrow from your credit line

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Phone Loan FAQs

Buying a phone on loan is a good option to consider because you don't have to use your savings to buy a phone that is beyond your budget. You can repay the loan in easy and affordable monthly instalments.

Yes, MoneyTap's personal line of credit allows you to get instant phone loan to buy a mobile phone with a quick and easy loan approval process and minimum documentation.

When you want to buy a phone on loan, MoneyTap's credit line works like a mobile phone loan. MoneyTap approves a credit line in the loan amount range of VND 3 million to VND 50 million. You can withdraw as little as VND 1 million or up to your approved credit limit.

The interest is applied to the amount you borrow from MoneyTap's line of credit, and not on the entire credit limit approved. You have the option to choose the loan term, which starts from 3 months to 48 months. You can use the instalment calculator to find out how much instalment you will be paying each month for the amount you borrow.