Why Borrow Money Through Online Loan?

In today’s fast-paced world, having financial trouble is a common occurrence. Unfortunately, not many people have the cash ready to handle unexpected expenses, such as a medical issue, or to pay the bills if a paycheck comes in late. Such situations demand quick access to credit. Luckily, there is a solution for emergencies, and it’s called quick cash loans online. As the name suggests, quick loans are loans that are usually applied, approved, and released on the same day or in a few days. The loan offered to the borrower can be used for whatever purpose they wish.

Online loans are a form of unsecured or secured loans in which borrowers do not need to visit a bank or make a physical loan application. The online loan application can be made from the comfort of the home at any time through a website or an online loan app. The loan application is reviewed in real-time, and the approval status is intimated immediately.

Quick online loan services are usually offered by banks, private financial companies, or fintech companies. These loans are designed for urgent cash needs to cover planned and unplanned expenses.

Best Online Loan Apps in Vietnam

To borrow money online, you need to visit the lender's website or download the loan app. You will need to register to create your account, and complete and submit your digital loan application. The approval status will be notified to you almost immediately.

List of Best Online Loan Apps in Vietnam:

App/Bank Name Interest Rates
Loan Amount (Min. and Max) Loan Tenure App Download link
MoneyTap Vietnam

MoneyTap Vietnam

22% - 35% 1 million - 50 million VND 03 - 48 months Click here


12% - 20% 250,000VND - 15,000,000VND 90 - 120 days Click here


0% for the first loan 500,000VND - 10 million VND 10 - 30 days Click here


0% for the first loan 1 million - 10 million VND 10 - 30 days Click here


0% for the first loan 1 million - 10 million VND 10 - 30 days Click here


10% - 46% 500,000 VND - 10 million VND 07- 30 days Click here


15% - 18% 5 million - 50 million VND 61 - 365 days Click here
Home Credit

Home Credit

from 22% 40 million maximum 06 - 36 months Click here


12% - 22% 10 million - 70 million 06 - 36 months Click here


15% - 19% 1 million - 70 million 01 - 12 months Click here
TP Bank

TP Bank

from 18% 20 million - 170 million 06 - 36 months Click here
Doctor Dong

Doctor Dong

12% - 24% 500,000 VND - 10 million VND 10 - 30 days Click here
FE Credit

FE Credit

35% - 69% 5 million - 50 million VND 06 - 36 months Click here


28% - 60% 1 million - 10 million VND 90 - 365 days Click here


from 15% 10 million - 500 million VND up to 60 months Click here


8% - 22% 10 million - 50 million 06 - 36 months Click here


36% - 55% 10 million - 100 million 06 - 36 months Click here
  • 1. MoneyTap

    MoneyTap is Asia's first app-based credit line that is offered to you in partnership with FE Credit. MoneyTap offers a line of credit online of up to VND 50 Million.

    With MoneyTap, you can borrow money from your credit line as little as VND 1,000,000 and as high as your approved credit limit.

    MoneyTap has an excellent feature of no-usage-no-interest. This means if MoneyTap approves an online loan of VND 10 Million and you borrow only VND 5 Million, the interest is charged only on the amount you borrowed (VND 5 Million) and not on the amount approved (VND 10 Million).

    MoneyTap's personal line of credit is available to you for a lifetime. As long as you keep repaying the money you borrow, this credit line stays active. So, when you are in need of urgent cash, you can immediately use the money from this line of credit.

    Eligibility Criteria:

    • Age: 20-60 years old
    • Minimum income: VND 3 Million
    • Required document: National ID (photos of the front and back mandatory)
  • 2. Tamo.vn

    Tamo.vn is an online platform offering consulting and financial solutions to its consumers. The advisory and financial connections are managed and implemented by SOFI Solutions. You can get an online loan of up to VND 5,000,000.

  • 3. Senmo

    Senmo offers access to online loans of up to VND 1 Million – VND 10 Million. You need to have a monthly income of VND 3 Million and the age between 22 to 60 years to be eligible to borrow money from Senmo.

  • 4. MoneyCat

    MoneyCat provides an easy and safe way to get financial help, 24/7. This online platform connects borrowers and lending partners to make the loan process smooth and fast. MoneyCat is a simple and quick way to receive a loan of up to VND 10 Million.

  • 5. OneClickMoney

    OneClickMoney is a 24/7 online financial consulting and solution platform that allows you to borrow money to meet your financial needs easily and quickly. It offers online loans from VND 1 Million to VND 10 Million.

  • 6. Vamo

    Vamo is an online lending platform that offers loans from VND 500,000 to VND 10 Million. This platform connects investors and borrowers, thus facilitating a smooth online loan process.

  • 7. Tima

    Tima is an online P2P lending marketplace. Founded in 2015, this platform offers unsecured online loans, asset-backed loans, and student loans. The loan term is between 61-365 days.

  • 8. Home Credit

    Home Credit is a leading consumer finance company in Vietnam. It has three outstanding benefits for its consumers: convenient, fast, and friendly. It offers online instalments loans which you can use for anything.

  • 9. MCredit

    The MB Shinsei Finance Limited Liability Company (MCredit) is a joint venture between Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MB) and Shinsei Bank (Japan). With the focus on two main areas – cash loans and instalment loans – MCredit provides online loans to customers with modest incomes.

  • 10. Interloan

    Interloan is an online lending marketplace for payroll loans. The term of the loan is of up to 12 months. Employees can take loans as well as invest their money.

  • 11. TP Bank

    Founded in 2008, Tien Phong Commercial Joint Stock Bank (TP Bank) is on a mission to offer effective banking & finance solutions to its customers with a focus on the young and active customer segment. With its advanced technological infrastructure and specialized management, TP Bank offers secured and unsecured online loans in Vietnam.

  • 12. Doctor Dong

    Doctor Dong offers online loans between VND 500K – VND 10 Million. The loan process is fast and online. It provides a 0% interest rate for the first VND 4 Million loan amount.

  • 13. FE Credit

    FE Credit provides various types of online loans, such as vehicle loans, cash loans, credit card loans, etc. Founded in 2010, FE Credit was primarily into offering these loans offline, but now it is slowly moving into an onòline model.

  • 14. VaytienAZ

    VaytienAZ is an online loan platform, where you can borrow up to VND 100,000,000 at an interest rate of 2.33% to 5% per month. The loan repayment term is between 90-365 days

  • 15. MSB

    With simple loan applications and attractive interest rates, MSB offers easy online loans of up to VND 500 Million. The loan term is up to 36 months.

  • 16. Jaccs

    JACCS International Vietnam Finance Company Limited (JIVF) is a member of the Japan Consumer Credit Group (JACCS), one of the oldest financial companies in Japan. It offers a variety of loans, such as online cash loans, car loans, motorcycle loans, etc. to meet the financial needs of its customers.

  • 17. VietCredit

    VietCredit offers a line of credit in the form of a VietCredit Loan Card. You can borrow money from this card as and when you want. The interest is charged only on the amount borrowed and not on the loan amount approved. This card is accessible 24/7.

Why Take an Online Loan From MoneyTap?

  • Quick Approvals

    Get a quick loan of up to 50,000,000 VND within 15 minutes.

  • 100% Online Process

    Easy and paperless online application process without any visits to banks.

  • Lifetime Access to Credit

    MoneyTap’s quick loan online is available in the form of a line of credit; repay the borrowed amount and use the line of credit for a lifetime, whenever the need for money arises.

  • Borrow in Parts

    Borrow any amount from 1,000,000 VND up to the approved limit as many times you want. Pay interest only on the money you borrow – no usage, no interest charged.

  • Save on Interest

    Enjoy low-interest rates starting 22-35% per year applied only on the amount you borrow.

  • Flexible Repayments

    Choose the repayment tenure that ensures easy and affordable monthly payments; flexible repayment tenure ranging from 3-48 months.

How to Get Paperless Hot Loan Online With MoneyTap?

  • Step 1: Download MoneyTap online loan app or visit the website
    Enjoy a hassle-free online loan application process from the comforts of your home.
  • Step 2: Fill in the required fields and take a selfie 
    You need to just fill your personal details and submit your loan application online without any hefty paperwork.
  • Step 3: Get money
    Get a personal credit line of up to VND 50M. Borrow amounts as small as VND 1M up to your credit limit as often as you need. Pay interest only on the borrowed amount.
  • Step 4: Pay up and refill your credit line to use in the future!
    Repay the borrowed amount in affordable monthly instalments. Replenish your credit line as you continue repaying until the credit line is ready to be used again.
mobile and credit card

For a fast, easy, and secure online loan experience, get the MoneyTap app. Download it now!

Advantages of Online Loans

  • Convenience

    This is the most prominent advantage of online loans. You can register for an online cash loan at your convenience at any time from anywhere.

  • No Physical Contact Needed

    The online loan application process is entirely digital. It means you can get an online loan without meeting the bank representatives. This feature is best for avoiding crowded places during the pandemic.

  • Simple and Fast Application Process

    The loan application is made through a website or an online loan app, thus making it simple and extremely fast.

  • Minimal Documentation

    You can apply for an online loan with just an ID card and address proof.

  • Instant Approvals

    Online loan applications are reviewed in real-time to decide whether or not your application is approved.

  • Quick Disbursals

    Since the loan application process is fast, it speeds up the process of loan disbursal. You can expect the loan to be disbursed the same day or within a couple of days.

  • Funds Available 24/7

    Once the online loan is disbursed, the cash is available to you for use whenever you need and for whatever you need.

Situations When an Online Loan Is Helpful

Most people take online loans to meet their expenses, or to take care of their sudden unexpected cash requirements, including and not limited to:
  • Home Expenses

    If you want to do a quick home makeover – like break down a wall, update your kitchen, or apply a fresh coat of paint on the walls, an online loan can help you take care of the expenses. Moreover, in situations where you don't have the money to deploy for urgent home repairs, an online loan can help fix them in a timely manner.

  • Latest Gadgets

    Gadgets for home and personal use have a broad scope – from kitchen appliances to fitness equipment, from mobile phones to laptops and everywhere in between – they serve to make our lives a little easier and a little more interesting. If you don't have the money to enjoy these small luxuries, an online loan can help.

  • Medical Expenses

    If you have an upcoming medical expense but don't have the money to do so, or if you have past-due medical bills, or if you want to get a procedure done that your health insurance doesn't cover, an online loan can help you cover these medical expenses. Additionally, since online loans are a quick way to get access to cash, they are great when it comes to handling medical emergencies.

  • Unexpected Auto Repairs

    An unexpected trip to the mechanic can end up costing you more than you planned. These are costs that you do not account for in your monthly budgets. An online loan can help take care of these costs without disrupting your budget or savings in such situations.

Tips To Remember Before Getting an Online Loan

  1. Make sure you choose a trusted and credible financial company. MoneyTap is Asia’s first app-based credit line and is powered by FE Credit.
  2. Compare interest rates and fees and beware of hidden costs. MoneyTap is completely transparent about its fees and associated charges.
  3. Ensure that you make your monthly payments on time. MoneyTap, credit line connecting loan app, allows you to track your transactions and reminds you about repayments.

MoneyTap, credit line connecting loan app, allows you to track your transactions and reminds you about repayments.


An online loan limit from MoneyTap ranges between 3,000,000 VND up to 50,000,000 VND

For a fast, easy, and secure online loan experience, get the MoneyTap app. Download it now!